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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

One year ago I interviewed Quentin Depigny, Founder of award-winning R.O.C.K.S Whiskey Chilling Stones. I thought at the time that this product was right for the industry because it genuinely offered something different, something that would attract travelling passengers as an original gift item. Then he had only secured the one inflight contract with Korean Air. Now, 12 months later he has 9 airline listings, and the business is growing fast. Quentin expects to double his Travel Retail business in the next year.

We talked about how he now wants to move into the airport retail space, how the wines and spirits category suffers from ‘under served’ gifting, how he has expanded his product range to target different groups and why there should be space for R.O.C.K.S within airport travel retail. It’s a fast-paced interview with a brand that is currently rocking our business (sorry couldn’t resist).


Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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