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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

“People are looking for newness and innovation in Travel Retail”. Never a truer statement made by William Ovens, Global Travel Retail Director of Ian Macleod Distillers. And the company has delivered this in spades recently at TFWA Singapore.

It’s William’s first interview on and it’s thoroughly engaging. Ian Macleod Distillers may be a mid-sized player, but they certainly punch above their weight. Travel Retail is a strategically important sector and this is evidenced by the number of major product launches we discussed. First up: Rosebank’s Remarkable Casks Collection, at 3200 USD both collectable and drinkable. We look forward to filming at Rosebank next month. Then there’s the über-rare Tamdhu 46 year old single cask, at 20000 USD. Finally, Glengoyne also now has two additional fine and rare 20 and 26 year old expressions.

The beauty of Ian Macleod’s business is that they cater for all tastes and all pockets. The success of the Edinburgh Gin range is clear testament to that and we talked not only about the dedicated boutique for the brand at Edinburgh Airport in partnership with Avolta, but also the much anticipated opening of the Edinburgh Gin distillery in Edinburgh.

And then there’s the opening of the Laggan Bay Distillery next year. These are exciting times indeed for Ian Macleod as it sets its path for greater growth in Travel Retail.

Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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