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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

What a delight it is to speak to David Sternlight. This is such an open and refreshingly candid interview. In our conversation, David pores over the ‘heavy lift’ of achieving B Corp status and the sea change of mindset and operations that was required by the company – all regarded as being positively beneficial for Cabeau. His answer as to whether B Corp status makes a difference to Travel Retailers is affirmative.

We then discuss some of the key products in Cabeau’s award-winning range – notably the launch of the company’s first sustainable pillow. Cabeau is recognised as a highly innovative company, harnessing the latest tech to deliver better quality and highly imaginative products. Their kids range is a great example. But sustainability lies at the core of what Cabeau is all about and there is a very clear mission within the business to move to far greater sustainability across the entire product range – not always easy in these types of travel essential products. David also has some interesting advice for other players in this sector when it comes to greenwashing.

And then we move on to talk about CleanHub, why Cabeau is so involved and why the Travel Retail industry should consider more active partnerships with the great and valid work that CleanHub is doing around the world.

So what can we expect from Cabeau at TFWA Cannes? Well, David is keeping his cards close to his chest, but you expect more surprises from this remarkable company. Enjoy the interview.

Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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