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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

This week on we have focused on sustainability in the spirits market with two important blogs. The first was a video featuring Petra Grasbeck, Director of Communications and Sustainability at Anora, whose Koskenkorva brand leads the spirits market for sustainability. The second was a deep dive article by Kristiane Sherry on Greenwashing in the Drinks Sector. In case you missed them, here are the links.



This third blog, filmed on location in Koskenkorva, is an interview with Suvi Reinikkala, Anora’s Spirits Marketing Director. Here we have a multi-layered conversation – not just about the company’s expansion ambitions in Travel Retail, but the challenge in understanding agriculture and regenerative farming in order to create effective marketing for the Koskenkorva brand. Suvi also answers the question as to whether consumers actually care about sustainability and does she think that, without sustainable actions by brands, they will suffer medium to long term ‘ecological damage’?


It is a remarkably frank, transparent and engaging conversation. As with Petra’s interview, the ethos of the business comes through loud and clear. Anora’s brands are in very good hands.



Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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