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Jagermeister’s 9556 Nights Of Exploration TRunblocked’s Take On A Special TR Launch

All Things Accolade Wines

Philip Morris and Swedish Match: Synergy And Vision Combined

Travel Retail Welcomes Verdilab Switzerland – Skincare’s New Player Arnaud de Volontat Interviewed

Travel Retail’s New ‘Clean Beauty’ Player Victoria Neymann, Co-Founder Verdilab Switzerland, Interviewed

Beam Suntory’s Ambitious Plans for 2024 Manuel Gonzalez, Global Marketing Director, Interviewed

Nestlé International Travel Retail Stewart Dryburgh, GM, On Sustainability

Vincent Boinay Reflects On 8 Years At L’Oréal Travel Retail

Tito’s Handmade Vodka Powers On In Travel Retail John McDonnell Interviewed

Anora’s Ambitions An Interview With Bo Madsen, Director, Global Travel Retail

Nestlé International Travel Retail’s Remarkable 2023 Stewart Dryburgh, General Manager, Interviewed

Penderyn’s New Distillery In Swansea Marks Major Milestone For The Company

What’s In Store From Anora?

Suvi Reinikkala, Spirits Marketing Director, Interviewed

Why Koskenkorva Defines Sustainability In Spirits

Petra Grasbeck Interviewed

What Has A Barley Field To Do With Men In 1880’s Bathing Suits?

Answer : Koskenkorva’s Village Experience

The Future Of Retail Is About Content, Not Real Estate

The Ibrahim Ibrahim Interviews Part 4

Can Airports Become True Brands? The Ibrahim Ibrahim Interviews Part 3

Future Ready Retail The Ibrahim Ibrahim Interviews Part 2

Future Ready Retail The Ibrahim Ibrahim Interviews

Gebr. Heinemann and Norse Trade’s Reimagined Departures at Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Travel Retail Norway’s New Travel Value Fashion Store.

The Optics Are Good.

Biotherm’s Commitment To Ocean Preservation, Biodiversity And Sustainability Goes Ocean Deep

How Travel Retail Spaces Can Become Digital Communities. Koral Ibrahim Interview Part 2

How Retail Space Can Be Transformed Koral Ibrahim, Founder, The Ready House, Interviewed

Simon Roffe on Penderyn’s Travel Retail Dynamic

How L’Oréal’s Dermatological Beauty And Professional Products Division Has Powered Its Business Growth Anne-Laure Lecerf, GM, Interviewed

Enter The Dragon The Rise and Rise of Penderyn Distillery CEO Stephen Davies Interviewed

The Bottega Prosecco Bar at Istanbul Airport Sandro Bottega Interviewed

L’Oréal’s Digital Vision Part 2

Sophie Neyertz-Ehrsam, GM Global Retail and Digital L’Oréal Travel Retail

How L’Oréal Are Leading The Digital Revolution From The Front

Marketing Is From Mars, Sustainability Is From Venus The Thomas Kolster Interview. Part 2.

Thomas Kolster Interviewed. Part 1.

Anora Plans To Treble Its Business In 7 Years Kirsi Puntila Interviewed

Delivering Growth Through Sustainability:

An Interview With Pekka Tennilä, CEO Anora Group Plc

Mondelez International WTR’s Category Vision Unlocked Beatriz de Otto, Head of Customer Marketing, Interviewed.

Penderyn Distillery Goes Global. Simon Roffe, Director Business Development, Interviewed.

Nestlé International Travel Retail: Building Food Into The Number 1 Most Purchased Category In Global Travel Retail

Brown-Forman: A Unique Business Dynamic Stéphane Morizet Interviewed

Why The Intelligent Track Systems Cart Is The Next Generation Airport Shopping Experience

Two Stacks: Riding High

ATU DUTY FREE at Galataport,

Istanbul: The Video. 2 Minutes.

3Sixty Duty Free: Redefining Travel Retail Benny Klepach, Roberto Graziani and Alex Anson Interviewed

There can be little doubt that 3Sixty Duty Free is at the very cutting edge of innovation within the global travel retail industry.
Just over two years ago the company rebranded itself. This short video gets under the skin of the business and you’ll hear from Benny Klepach, Founder and Chairman, Roberto Graziani, CEO and Alex Anson, COO. For this is a business that knows what it takes to provide customers what they want today, harnessing technology through digitalisation.
As you will see, we cover a lot of ground – perspectives on the state of the industry, the offline/online model, omnichannel and a whole lot more. It’s a 20 minute video and makes compelling viewing.

Urban-Air Port: The Sky Is No Limit Ricky Sandhu, Founder & Executive Chairman, interviewed

This is perhaps the most comprehensive interview conducted to date with Urban-Air Port’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Ricky Sandhu. Urban Air-Port’s Air One launches in Coventry in the UK on April 25th and will unquestionably inaugurate a dramatic change to the aviation, passenger transportation and logistics markets as we know them today.
Hard questions are answered. The interview covers the exponential growth of the market, Urban-Air Port’s unique business model, the MOU with Munich Airport, the investment by Supernal and the UK Government, the opportunity for major airports as well as regional ones and all current logistics companies using them, the likely costs to passengers, the different ‘look’ of retail and food and beverage and a whole lot more.


The Four Key Pillars. An interview with Lewis Allen of Portland Design

This is a thought-provoking interview with Lewis Allen, Director of Environments, Portland Design. One of the industry’s leading strategic thinkers, Lewis outlines how, on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, evolution is in the air for the airport sector. Whether airports are ‘fast’ or ‘slow’, there are four key criteria which they need to consider for all future strategic decisions.
What is now required is a fundamentally different approach in thinking. One that also entails convincing institutional shareholders that a different path needs to be followed in order to deliver the much needed progress to keep pace with the changing market dynamic as well as meeting the needs of all travelling passengers.

Aviation: The New Digital Age The OMNEVO Factor: How Airports And Airlines Can Take Control Of the Digital Customer Journey

Omnevo is one of this industry’s leading positive disruptors.
Why? The company empowers next level digital ancillary revenue generation for aviation and mobility providers. Arguably, for our business sector, there has never been a greater need for this, and Omnevo has a fine pedigree with some real success stories behind them. They believe that airports and airlines alike must now seize a competitive advantage by taking control of the digital customer journey.
This definitive video provides the why and how any airline or airport can achieve that through a digital marketplace.

All Things Bright And Digital Aviation:

The New Digital Age Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our series. It’s a blockbuster edition – hopefully full of informative and original content that will make for compelling viewing over the holiday period. There have not been many highlights in a most challenging year, but this video clearly picks out the green shoots of recovery as well as a change in thinking about how to develop the business sector in an altogether better way.
Since inception, change for the better is the principal editorial platform of the blog. Our key differentiator is that we provide opinion, with contributors from all over the world, and not simply reportage. In 2022 you can expect we will be different again.
Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for your continued support and viewing – it really motivates us –  and to wish you all the very best over  Christmas time and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
Warm regards from Istanbul.


This is the first programme in a 3 part series. Its main focus is on the strategic need for greater digitalisation within the aviation sector, covering airports, airlines and travel retail. But it also goes much deeper into the offline/online model, key trends, omnichannel and learnings from the domestic market. Featured in this programme: Kevin Zajax, CEO Ground Control, Brian Chappon, CEO CENTRED, Benny Klepach, Founder and Chairman 3Sixty Duty Free, Roberto Graziani, CEO 3Sixty Duty Free, Alex Anson, COO 3Sixty Duty Free, Paul Mills, Head of Inflight Services, Virgin Atlantic and the remarkable Showfields store in Miami.


Just one word to describe this: stunning. It is a genuine ‘benchmark for luxury retail’. For brand choice, design, architecture and materials, the quality of ATU’s high-end offer at Istanbul airport is standout. This video was shot and edited by Peter Marshall and is part of a wider Moodie Davitt Marshall TV collaboration for the travel retail industry.

The Trinity Forum 2019, the world’s most influential airport commercial revenues conference

A month after the Trinity Forum, here’s a short highlights video reflecting the excellent quality of the conference as well as the cultural and sporting events that took place. A Moodie Davitt Marshall TV production.

KianGould Cannes 2019 INTERVIEW

Welcome to a brand new series of videos from a unique collaboration between The Moodie Davitt Report and Peter Marshall, founder of and Moodie Davitt Marshall TV kicks off with an interview with Kian Gould, Founder and CEO of AOE. Gould and his team have masterminded a number of major airport and retailer transformations from traditional shopping models to sophisticated omni-channel programmes. In this compelling video, recorded recently in Cannes at TFWE, Gould speaks to Martin Moodie, Chairman of The Moodie Davitt Report, about the fast evolving travel retail marketplace.

Michael Raasch Cannes 2019 INTERVIEW

Michael Raasch Cannes 2019 INTERVIEW the series of videos from Moodie Davitt Marshall TV

Muscat Duty Free delivers a world class offering

A 4 minute video of the brand new Muscat Duty Free and specialty stores, delivering a world class offering. The images tell the story. Muscat Duty Free delivers a world class offering. Peter Marshall interviews Martin Mullen, General Manager, who provides a definitive walkthrough of the duty free and specialty stores.


Simply put, the new Muscat International Airport is a world class, award-winning operation. Peter Marshall’s interview with Sheikh Aimen is wide-ranging, focusing not just on the operational and commercial aspects, but also on the airport’s key points of differentiation to other regional hubs. There is a clear sense of purpose and strategic direction.

Interview with Dr Khalfan Al Shueili, Chairman, Oman Sales and Services.

Interview with Dr Khalfan Al Shueili, Chairman, Oman Sales and Services.

Aer Rianta International’s stunning Departures and Arrivals stores at Auckland Airport.

Aer Rianta International’s stunning Departures and Arrivals stores at Auckland Airport. Their stores, as well as Lagardère’s and some of the newly opened specialist stores

Melbourne Airport – Dufry’s impressive ‘New Generation’ store.

This is the second part of the film coverage from Melbourne Airport. This two minute video features Dufry’s impressive ‘New Generation’ store there. The pictures really do tell the story. Dufry has delivered the three ‘E’s – experience, entertainment and enjoyment – across all the categories

Melbourne Luxury Specialty F&B Trunblocked.

Success is all about relevance and Melbourne’s Terminal 2 A$50m transformation has an abundance of new concepts, new offers and great designs that have delivered significant retail success. The aim was to deliver good, better and best in all categories and to bring the best of the city to the airport.

The luxury precinct of 11 stores is a great example, featuring Michael Kors, Watches of Switzerland, Max Mara, Tiffany, Burberry, Bally, Salvatore Ferragamo, Furla, Tumi, Emporio Armani and Hugo Boss.

So, too, the food & beverage and specialty stores come with established names and Melbourne-based themes.

Combined with Dufry’s ‘New Generation’ store, the airport has delivered the 3 ‘E’s – experience, entertainment and enjoyment. The T2 transformation is impressive.

Brisbane Airport.

Brisbane Airport Transformation. The new look

FROM FIELD TO BOTTLE. Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Chase Distillery.

FROM FIELD TO BOTTLE. Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Chase Distillery are regarded as one of the craft spirit movement’s true pioneers. Martin Moodie, Founder and Chairman of The Moodie Davitt Report, caught up with James Chase, Marketing Director and Andrew Carter, Global Commercial Director, to find out more about the origins of the business and their plans to take their premium and craft brands portfolio to the global TR market.


This 15 minute video focuses on the commercial strategy, retail evolution and innovation at Vancouver, London Gatwick, Belo Horizonte and Riga airports. Each video reflects the different DNA of the featured airports. The one constant is their mission to deliver a seamless passenger experience.

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