Introduction by: Peter Marshall

Welcome to Part 2 of the Verity Lawson interview. As Head of Sustainability for SSP Group Plc, the scope and scale of her responsibilities covers some 2600 food and beverage units in 600 locations across 6 continents. A massive task for anyone to implement the ambitious sustainability agenda that SSP now has at the very centre of its business. This second video focuses on SSP’s sustainability targets to 2025 and beyond. As you will find out, the company is already well ahead as many targets have already been reached, but all elements are building towards the net zero target of 2040. This interview covers topics such as plastic-free, packaging, sustainable ingredients, the carbon footprint of the value chain, the recycling of building materials, financial modelling, health, well being and diversity. As Verity says: ‘Today, sustainability is being seen as something that is almost crucial for your licence to operate”.
And she’s right!



Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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