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I have to say that I find VERDILAB Switzerland  to be a very unique and impressive brand. Today’s blog on,  Co-Founder Victoria Neymann and Business Development Director Arnaud de Volontat, speak passionately about the brand’s history, its DNA, its successes to date and the fact that there is a very clear opportunity for disruptive brands such as VERDILAB to redefine skin care and find and expand its niche within global travel retail. 

Peter Marshall (PM):  Victoria Can you provide a brief overview of VERDILAB’s history and business ethos?

Victoria Neymann (VN): VERDILAB was launched in 2021, driven by my unique vision to redefine luxury skincare and a lot of hard work that followed.

I am a third-generation medical doctor with over 20 years of experience in the green-pharma and cosmetics industries. During my career, I reached a moment where I decided to use my knowledge in medicine, cosmetics and natural ingredients to create my own brand.  I knew that my father’s scientific discovery in the field of immunology had a great potential which I could successfully leverage in cosmetic formulas, creating technology that could enhance the skin’s natural immune abilities.

I was determined to establish my own standards of clean beauty, crafting cosmetics completely free from synthetics and any compounds that might pose risks to our bodies, which unfortunately still are used in the industry.

My deep belief in the healing power of pure nature drove me to prove that it’s below possible to combine highly technologically advanced formulas with 100% natural compositions, ensuring both safety and effectiveness. My ultimate goal was to inspire individuals to reconsider their approach to beauty, not only for their own well-being but also for the future of our planet.

From this vision, VERDILAB was born as a disruptive brand of a new generation as it uniquely combines the advanced scientific innovations, that are the core of the brand, and 100% natural and ultra-clean formulas. We are the sole brand harnessing ImmunatuRNA® Technology, that is our patent-pending, proprietary invention, exceptionally effective, and steeped in 50 years of immunology research of my father, the professor in the field. This technology brings transformative results to the skin, boosting its natural immunity.

PM:  So what exactly  is ImmunatuRNA® ? Can you tell us more about this technology?

VN: ImmunatuRNA® is our innovative Technology that is the scientific heart of VERDILAB.

It is a patent-pending, proprietary complex of natural active molecules, including marine exopolysaccharides, RNA molecules, natural hyaluronic acid combined with sea water, and a special biomimetic transdermal delivery system, that strongly supports the immune abilities of our skin.

The clinically proven benefits of ImmunatuRNA® are remarkable. It significantly accelerates the skin’s regenerative abilities, almost doubling the healing properties of the skin. This translates to faster healing of scars, blemishes, or sun damage. ImmunatuRNA® also strengthens collagen structures, improving the skin’s firmness and elasticity by significantly increasing the proliferation of fibroblasts in the skin. In addition, it enhances antioxidant cellular protection, combating premature ageing caused by environmental stressors. The result is healthier, more radiant and rejuvenated complexion.

PM: Who is your target audience in terms of age groups? Do your products cater to a wide range of generations?

VN: VERDILAB is not dedicated only to age groups – it is created for everyone who shares the same values, regardless of age, gender, nationality or anything else. It is a highly inclusive brand.

In VERDILAB we prioritize eco-values, pioneering the luxury skincare to a more sustainable level, caring not just for skin’s health but also the well-being of our planet. Our goal is to connect with those who are driven by results but do not want to jeopardize the health of their skin in the long run. Consumers who prefer to choose sustainable products whenever possible and brands with clear points of difference in their mission and approach from conventional prestige brands.

Our products are designed to benefit anyone who values clean, safe, science-driven skincare and believes in the power of nature. This applies to younger consumers (Gen Z, Millennials) who are increasingly aware of the questionable compounds still used in the industry and are looking for cleaner formulas, created by a real founder – which is probably why we have a lot of regular customers among younger generations. However, similar needs are also demonstrated by more mature people (Gen X, B-boomers) increasingly interested in active ingredients in the context of effective but also safe anti-aging solutions, which is why we have many loyal customers over the age of 60 with whom our philosophy of sustainable luxury driven by science resonates.

PM:  What do you think sets VERDILAB’s products apart from others in the market? How do you achieve the claim that 100% natural cosmetics can be highly effective?

VN: VERDILAB is a disruptive brand of a new generation as it uniquely combines advanced scientific innovation, that is the core of the brand, together with 100% natural and ultra-clean formulas. We are the sole brand harnessing ImmunatuRNA® Technology, that is our patent-pending, proprietary invention,and which is exceptionally effective.

On top of that we are the only scientific brand I know to offer 100% natural, ultra-clean compositions, extremely rich in highly advanced bio-tech, marine, and botanical actives such as natural acids, probiotics, stem cells, green retinol, various algae, and more. Unlike other brands, we don’t rely on water as a regular solvent. Instead we use organic algae serum, herbal and flower waters that provide the skin with beneficial nutrients.

The effects of our products have been confirmed by multi-level clinical studies, delivering truly remarkable results. For clinical research, we cooperate with Swiss, Italian and French independent institutes to be sure that our products are safe and effective. We run clinical studies by a dermatologist for controlled results on all our products, as well as ophthalmological tests, if relevant, on people with sensitive skin in order to eliminate any risk of use. For every product, we additionally conduct functionality tests, covering besides in-use consumers evaluation also number in-vivo and in-vitro instrumental studies, applying different measurements of particular product functions.

PM: Sustainability is a core feature of your business, isn’t it? Can you elaborate on your approach and how it differs from greenwashing?

VN: Health and Nature are one of our greatest values and I personally believe that they are the real NEW LUXURY of today’s world. Our priorities are scientific innovations that drive our development, superior quality and sustainability.

At VERDILAB, we don’t just meet industry regulations. We set the bar much higher by introducing our own VERDILAB’s Clean Beauty and Sustainability rules.

We use only natural, biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. We avoid anything that has proven or even suspected risk to harm the body or the environment. Because of that we’ve banned over 50 groups of substances in our formulas that I truly believe are not good long term, including synthetic fillers, all types of silicones, petroleum derivatives, all synthetic polymers, microplastics, nanoplastics, parabens, phenoxyethanol, animal-derived ingredients, alcohol, and more.

Our packaging is fully recyclable, we only use glass (even for small product samples) and FCS-certified paper, without any non-recyclable coatings, a synthetic sponge inside or cellophane wrap. We aim to be an example of responsible luxury in the industry.

PM: Arnaud,  what is your primary focus for Travel Retail, and what percentage of your business do you intend Travel Retail to represent?

Arnaud de Volontat(AV): We believe that Travel Retail channel has great potential for VERDILAB in the coming years. It also aligns with our strategy of selective expansion in key markets and should be a significant distribution channel for VERDILAB. We are excited to collaborate with travel retailers who are eager to enhance their growth strategy by introducing cutting-edge brands like us that cater to forward-thinking consumers, including Millennials and Gen Z travellers.

PM: How have travel retailers responded to VERDILAB’s products and your brand’s alignment with changing consumer mindsets?

AV: We have already been approached by major travel retailers who are genuinely interested in VERDILAB as a brand for the new generation, for individuals who prioritize the health of their skin and care about environmental issues, without compromising effectiveness. We address these concerns with 100% natural and ultra-clean formulas, backed by a strong scientific heritage and proven, visible results. Perhaps that’s why VERDILAB is considered an industry disruptor – offering a fresh new perspective in a market saturated with conventional brands.

PM: Can you share the listings you’ve achieved, and what are your expectations for your presence in Cannes this year?

AV: In some aspects, our business results have exceeded our expectations. In less than two years VERDILAB is now available in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, UK, USA, and Asia, and there are some more exciting new projects to come. Our distribution strategy assumes a selective channel, which is why we are present in the best perfumeries, for example the iconic Osswald perfumery in Zurich, in department stores like Coin department stores, the oldest in Italy, and in the best pharmacies, such as John Bell & Croyden, a cult place in the UK.

We are also in travel retail, with KrisShop/Singapore Airlines, for example, widely recognized as one of the best airlines in the world, where we have been present since this autumn.

We were selected to showcase VERDILAB at TFWA in Cannes and Singapore – prestigious events for premium brands and travel retail channels. This year, VERDILAB is proud to join Tax Free Association as a member company,  and we are participating for the second time  at the TFWA in Cannes, where we expect to connect with retailers and distributors who share our vision and who are seeking a new level of luxury in skincare to satisfy preferences of their most demanding, progressive customers.

PM: One last question, Arnaud. What are the top three reasons why travel retailers should stock and promote VERDILAB’s products?

AV:  First, source of growth. VERDILAB can help travel retailers build and grow by attracting to this channel  travellers of a new generation who are looking for innovative, sustainable and natural luxury skincare that delivers results.

Secondly, source of effectiveness. VERDILAB is ultra-rich in technologically-advanced active ingredients, powered by exclusive, patent-pending technology and firmly supported by scientific research, offering travellers skincare that genuinely works.

Finally, source of exceptional experience. VERDILAB boasts luxurious, indulgent textures that stand out in terms of appearance and sensation on the skin. This creates a new and enjoyable skincare experience, making us an excellent choice for travellers seeking superior quality and pleasure of use.


Peter Marshall

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