Introduction: By Peter Marshall
This is perhaps the most comprehensive interview conducted to date with Urban-Air Port’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Ricky Sandhu. Urban Air-Port’s Air One launches in Coventry in the UK on April 25th and will unquestionably inaugurate a dramatic change to the aviation, passenger transportation and logistics markets as we know them today.
Hard questions are answered. The interview covers the exponential growth of the market, Urban-Air Port’s unique business model, the MOU with Munich Airport, the investment by Supernal and the UK Government, the opportunity for major airports as well as regional ones and all current logistics companies using them, the likely costs to passengers, the different ‘look’ of retail and food and beverage and a whole lot more.
With all that you have read about the urban air mobility market, the key to Urban-Air Port’s likely success and growth will stem from the fact that they offer a unique infrastructure to service a changing sector – one that can be housed in city centres, on airports, offshore, in drop boxes, even on rooftops.
Fanciful? Not at all. The future is here right now.


Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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