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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

This is the last in the Future Ready Retail interview series with Ibrahim Ibrahim. It provides another 17 minutes of thought-provoking, eye-opening insights on the future of retail. Here you will find a completely different landscape.  Airports, travel retailers and brands can all be part of the transition from being ‘product’ brands to ‘story’ brands. And this is pivotal to future growth – to succeed in enabling the much-needed reigniting of retail value, where breaking the shackles of commodification is key.
We talk about a number of major domestic retailers that are getting it right. The secret sauce to their success? It’s live-streaming, and here Ibrahim explores the real opportunities that lie in front of the airport and travel retail market. In fairness, some airports are getting there, but the numbers remain a handful. 
Inbrahim explains that, because of the technology now available, airports, retailers and brands have the ability to move from transaction to interaction, many of whom are there already. But there is one further and bigger step – that of ‘intimacy’. And herein lies the best connection with consumers.
The pace and scale of change that is happening around us today has led to Portland reinventing itself. The business is now an evidence-based, outcome-driven, human centric design service. It has created  – and this Ibrahim believes is a world first –  a unique tool which maps social media behaviour, engagement and influencer behaviour. It reveals the ‘human truths’ – it measures the sentiment of what people are thinking –  and the data captured from this anonymised, AI, geo-located tool will help determine strategy, master planning and marketing.
It’s another fascinating interview and, like Parts 1 to 3 before it on, speaks strongly to the future proofing of retail.




Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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