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Future Airports: From Here to Where? launched on September 16, 2020 is a joint initiative between the renowned brand strategy and experience design agency, Portland, and the leading and influential industry blog, Ten defining video sessions were produced with leading industry figures from inside and outside the business debating the future of airports, the commercial offer and the passenger experience, providing analysis and new solutions to a much challenged community.  The videos have clearly resonated with all key sectors and continue to get traction as they remain on both the Portland and websites.

Launch Day: 1046
Total to January 29th 2021: 53474
Most popular video sessions: –
1. How Doable is Digital? And What Could It Do?  9145
2. Brands and Retail Theatre: A Bigger or Lesser Choice? 5620
3. Should Airports Reimagine a Different Future? 5157
We covered 81 countries and by the industry’s senior management including airport authorities, airports, airlines, retailers and brands, featuring executive directors, company founders, business strategists, marketing specialists, project managers, architects, design agencies, aviation consultants, industry associations, corporate finance specialists, public and trade media, as well as PR firms.
Sources: Google Analytics, Linkedin, Vimeo, Portland, Youtube
Ibrahim Ibrahim comments: ‘Our Future Airports’ webinar series illustrated  that the most thought-provoking and  insightful sessions had the highest level of engagement. It is clear that the industry is hungry for new ideas that will evolve commercial experiences and models that are increasingly irrelevant to the expectations of our audience. The overriding message from the webinar was that in this rapidly changing commercial landscape, safe is risky. And COVID-19 has taught us that precedent is no longer a reliable guide. We need to rethink and reimagine the future airport passenger experience.”
Adds Peter Marshall: ”We have learned much from the feedback that everyone has provided and we are happy to announce that we will be producing another series later this year, as well as updating the existing videos wherever we can. This really sets us apart from everyone else. For us this is a continuing process. Our thanks go to all of our contributors and we look forward to letting the industry know about this year’s event in the coming months.”
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Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing Director, Portland Design
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