Introduction by: Peter Marshall

This interview is all about next-level thinking.


Koral Ibrahim is an expert in retail strategies and founder of branding agency The Ready House.


In this video Koral shares important and relevant insights and ideas on how retail spaces can adapt to the changing market landscape and engage with consumers in a more meaningful way. We talk about the importance of shifting from a product-centric approach to a platform-based model, embedding social media into every business decision and how to leverage data intelligence to better understand and meet consumer needs, realise the potential of blending digital and physical experiences and creating unique, localised environments. Essentially, why we need to reimagine the role of retail spaces in fostering communities. The examples Koral provides are illuminating – just check out the content covered in the Tags, below.


So, whether you are in travel retail or domestic retail or interested in the future of consumer experiences, this video offers valuable perspectives on staying ahead in the ever-changing and evolving world of retail. Do make time to watch.



Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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