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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

A lot of companies claim they walk the walk and talk the talk in Travel Retail. Anora Group Plc happens to be one company that actually gives you confidence that they do exactly what they say. And deliver results.
This week on we are delighted to feature the first in a series of in-depth interviews with our industry’s foremost business leaders. My interview with Pekka Tennilä, Anora’s CEO, asks a number of very direct questions and covers a lot of ground in 20 minutes. Not just why Sustainability matters and how it is the path to Anora’s future business growth, he also outlines key industry trends and areas of growth as well as some crunch issues that accompany all sustainability matters – the capital investment required, business offsets, the risk and reward in Travel Retail expansion, retail pricing/margins and, of course, a change in retail mindset.
It’s a welcome interview to start the series and hopefully provides real insight as a business profile. Importantly this interview will be followed later this week with the launch of another major editorial series: Sustainability Matters – exclusively on


Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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