Introduction by: Peter Marshall

It is not often that you experience a day where your learnings are genuinely eye-opening and where you fully appreciate the important scientific work that is going on daily under our oceans to enhance our knowledge and to preserve and restore our ocean’s health. June 2nd was such a day, where I attended Biotherm’s Water Lovers event.


As everyone knows, water is at the heart of Biotherm. 5 years ago, Biotherm announced its partnership with the Tara Ocean Foundation to support their efforts and research projects across the globe. Biotherm has also returned to the Ocean Race with its racing boat, Biotherm IMOCA which, other than participating in the race itself, also conducts some detailed research with an automated plankton microscope onboard. This microscope gathers key data of marine life/phytoplankton that supports Tara’s continuous research in the foundation’s understanding of our ocean’s health.


The connection to Biotherm is a natural fit. According to Carole Pasco-Domergue, Biotherm’s International Communications Director: “Bio means life and therm means source. We are linked to the first source of life, water, and that’s where the link is with our products, so we need to protect this first source. The race has a strong mission – it’s not just about business, at the core of the race is its research on biodiversity”.


The race is about exploration and, as you will discover from the video, the findings from Tara have been extraordinary, are shared freely with the global scientific world and have greatly enhanced the knowledge base of our oceans. The video itself only scratches the surface of the work that is undertaken, but it nevertheless makes a compelling view – a video I am proud to share.


Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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