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This year will be the fourth year of this important industry conference. Delighted to announce today that Marshall Arts is a media and alliance partner.

The Power of Data to Transform the Larger Travel Retail Industry Business

Location, Location, Location were once the three most important ingredients for travel retail success. Today, it’s all about Data, Data, Data. This is no punch-line.

In an omni-channel world, getting better at every aspect of the Big Data holds the key to thriving in the highly competitive travel retail industry. Travel Retail operators, airports, airlines, brands, h igh-street department stores, operators of shopping tourism destinations, tax-free operators – a ll are strongly influenced by this new paradigm.

Global Shopping Forum is the Think Tank of the larger Travel Retail industry. We see the grasp of Big Data as the game changer for the larger travel retail industry. This year the focus is placed on how all operators across all channels need to leverage Data for marketing, sales, customer care as well as IT , finances and logistics . This will be pivotal to transform and boost their business in the larger travel retail industry.

In cooperation with Vienna Airport and Travel Blue the Global Shopping Forum 2017 will take place on the 16th of November at Ritz Carlton Vienna, Austria, with over 150 though t
leaders. Learn from and meet with your peers from Lufthansa, Vienna Airport, Gebr. Heinemann, Value Retail, McArthurGlen,Global Blue, Premier Tax-Free, Facebook and TripAdvisor – among others – to re-think your strategies and tools, to create new alliances and to drive successfully your business.

Secure now your Early-Bird ticket, and join us.

The larger travel retail industry experiences a massive shift in the distribution of power between the stakeholders servicing Traveling Shoppers . The industry´s game plan was once built on the paradigm of the “captive consumer” in the airport or airline or the “less informed” tourist shopping on the High Street. This does not hold true anymore. The necessary shift to the importance of data is largely attributed to an increasingly recognized hard fact that today´s Traveling Shoppers hold all the power.

Travelling Shoppers prefer increasingly to buy online. They challenge the value of duty-free and tax-free. They check our prices online while standing in the checkout line, and easily understand if our offer is outstanding or not. They also browse through your website and social media accounts and immediately decide not to buy if you do not treat them as individuals by offering outstanding customer service or addressing some of their lifestyle, interest and values. This is a challenge which requires our out most attention and the need for new alliances.

Peter Marshall

Founder: Arts
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